Geographical location and natural conditons of Quảng Nam

Quảng Nam is a coastal province belong to development main point economic area of central. The North is bounded by Đà Nẵng city; the East is bounded by Đông east with more than 125km coasts; the South is bounded by Quảng Ngãi province; the West is bounded by Kon Tum province and Lao people’s Democratic Republic.

Quảng Nam has 14 districts and 2 townships, in there is has 8 highland districts is Đông Giang, Tây Giang, Nam Giang, Nam Trà My, Bắc Trà My, Phước Sơn, Hiệp Đức và Tiên Phước. Natural area is 10.406,83 km2 , population is about 1.5 milion people, Quảng Nam stay at medium location of country, on the axis of traffic Bắc-Nam about railway, road, seaway and airway. Quảng Nam has Hồ Chí Minh street, highway 14D, 14B, 14E connect coastal detal through midland highland region district of province to Việt- Lào border and provinces of Tây Nguyên; in the near future will join with system connect all countrys in Đông Nam Á area road, create favourable location for Quảng Nam province about exchange economic with outside.

Furthermore, Quảng Nam is between Đà Nẵng city (big economic center of Trung region.) and Chu Lai Dung Quất development economic service zone. This zone are being shaped and develop at the South. Kỳ Hà port, Chu Lai airport, with surface area coastal sand large, near the National Grid system, has freshwater source profure, near road trafic axis, railway, create favourable for shape economic zones, travel service, the new cities.

Terrain of Quảng Nam province is relative complicated, low gradually from the West to the East. shape 3 ecological regions: highland region, midland region, delta region and coastal; alternatively divided by the Vu Gia, Thu Bồn, Tam Kỳ river valley created the sub-regions have characteristics as :

Delta region is small, narrow be long to lower section of Vu Gia, Thu Bồn, Tam Kỳ rivers, to get alluvium raised yearly, people has traditional intentive farming wet rice and industrial short-day crops, food crops.

Coastal region almost is sandy soil, essential produce farm produce, rear chống cát bay forest, rear and catch aquatic product….in the process of industrialize this region has favourable about …construction, near airports, whatfs, system road trafic, railways and National Grid.


Midland region with avegare altitude 100m, topography bowl alternately range of deltas, belong to the West region of Thăng Bình, Duy Xuyên, Đại Lộc, Quế Sơn district…people have traditional rice crops, farm produce, industrial crops, rear, afforest, exploit mineral with scale small. This is area has multiform about mineral as : gold and gold mineral sand, has been exploit at Bồng Miêu, Du Hiệp, Trà Dương, Dốc Kền with annual yield can exploit is hundreds of kg.; coal at Nông Sơn, Ngọc Kinh, An Điềm with reserves above 10 million tons. Outside, has non-mineral resources service for develop building materiads.

Highland include 8 districts the West of province, is highland riverhead of river valleys, diaspora of compartriot of ethnic minority. The people to support oneseft by produce agriculture and forestry with mode cultivation backward. Position of strength of region is forest, long-day industry crops and rear big cattle. The region has forest product as ginseng of Trà Linh, cinnamon of Trà My, Phước Sơn, has favourable land regions for develop rubber tree ( Hiệp Đức), pepper tree ( Tiên Phước ) and long-day industry crops, create condition to shape raw materials area for process industry agricultural – forest product, foods.

 The date 1/1/1997, Quảng Nam province has been official restore. With geographical location of province, Quảng Nam has many favourable condition about economic in relation and exchanges economic with domestic locals as well as with neighbouring coutries. Furthermore, Quảng Nam is one of the very few domestic locals has airport, seaport, railway and highway, at the same time is place deploy open economy model the first domestic with preferential policies interesting investment.

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