General about natural resources of Quảng Nam province

Total natural area of Quảng Nam is 1.040.683 ha, is shaped from nine types of difference land, include : sand dune and coastal sand, alluvial soil of river, alluvial soil of sea, gray soil, yellow-red soil, valley land, infertile soil eroded rocks,…. riparian alluvial soil group is the most important land group in developping food crops, food and short-day industry crops. Yellow-red soil group of hill region favorable for afforest, industry crops and long-day fruit-trees. Coastal sand group is being exploited for purpose aquaculture.

In total area 1.040.683 ha, forest land area make up largest proportion (49,4%), next is the land for agricultural produce, tenure land and specialized land. Barren land area, coastal sand aren`t used also make up a large area.

type landTotal area (ha)Rate (%)
Forest land430.03341,33
specialized land26.1332,5
Tenure land6.9800.67
Land not use466.95144,87

 Forest resources.

Quảng Nam province has 425.921 ha forest, proportion achieve is 40,9%; wood reserves of province about 30 milion m3. natural forest area is 388.803 ha, artificial forest is 37.118 ha. Rich forest at Quảng Nam is about 10 thousand ha, distribute at the high mountains, forest area remaining mainly is poor forest, average forest and regenerative forest, wood reserves about 69 m3/ha. The nature conserve areas of province locate on Thanh river belong to Nam Giang district.


Quảng Nam province locates in the tropical climate, only two seasons is rainy season and dry season, is affected of the North winter. Average temperature of year is 20-210C, is not big different between the months of year. Average rainfall is 2000-2500mm, but uneven distribution follow time and space, rain in mountainous is more than plain, rain focus on the months 9-12, makes up 80% of annual rainfall; rainy season coincides with hurricance season, so when the storm into Trung region often causes landslide, flood in the midland and mountainou districts, cause flooding in the coastal rivers.


 Hidroelectric potentiality.

River system locates on territory of Quảng Nam has length total is 900km, in there has 337 km developed, include : 9 main rivers. water surface sourse is large with river valley area : Vu Gia : 5500km2, Thu Bồn 3350km2, Tam Kỳ 800km2, Cu Đê 400km2, Tuý Loan 300 km2, LiLi 280 km2 ..., curent flow of Vu Gia river is 400m3/s, Thu Bồn is 200m3/s…can say Quảng Nam is the area has favorable condition about supply water for develop agricultural product and other economic sectors as well as people’s welfare. Quảng Nam river has curent always changes……important problem is to bụild irrigational works at upstream of rivers combines build the hydropower stations small and medium ( Sông Tranh I, Sông Tranh II, Sông A Vương, Sông Bung hydropower stations), to reduces flood and storm and supplies water about dry season for delta-coastal region, creates premiser sustainble for develop agricultural, economic, tourism, urban and clean water for residential, urban.        

Aquiculture resources.

Quảng Nam has long coast above 125km and large continental shelf , rich seafood source belong to sea region of South Central. Follow data of Planning Seafood Institute the sea region of South Central has fish reserves 42 ten thousand tons, ability catch of annual is 20 ten thousand tons, cuttle reserves is 7000 tons, shrimp is 4000 tons. Which can be seen, Quảng Nam has condition to develops offshore fishing industry as well as exploit the potential of aquaculture at riparian, coastal region and in Cù Lao Chàm island….

Mineral resources.

Follow general assess is mineral resources source of Quảng Nam is being a potentiality exploited, brings effect economic for province with many types rich and diversified. In there considerable is: coal at Nông Sơn has reserves about 10 milion tons, has been exploit with reserves of year highest achieve about 5 ten thousand tons/ year.

Besides also Ngọc Kinh colliery (reserves about 4 milion tons), but is stopped exploit from 1994 year because not ability industry exploit; pure gold and mineral sand at Bồng Miêu, Du Hiệp, Trà Dương; at Bồng Miêu has been exploit with output about several hundred kg/year; industry white sand is mineral has big reserves, distribute essential at area of Thăng Bình, Núi Thành districts

 On the area of Quảng Nam explored to get 18 mineral water mine and fresh water have good quality. The types as methane, uranium, raw materials made cement (limestone ) to get assess is richest in the province of the South.

Besides, other resources as granit stone, clay, titan, tin, kaolin, mica and the types raw materials provide for construction, glazed terra-cotta and porcelain, glass,….are distributed at many places in the province.


Sea tourism resources.

Has sea and on the coast 125km with many clean and beauty beach at Điện Bàn, Hội An, Tam Kỳ area…besides also 15 large and small islands offshore, 10 lakes (with 600 ha water surface, about 11000 ha forest around the lake area and 40 islands in the lakes ) is one of the great potential for develops tourism of Quảng Nam. Unpolluted environment, less slope, fine sand and moderate salinity, blue sea water and special marine climate very ideal for develops the types of tousirm beach holiday and weekend. Besides, two world cultural heritage are Hội An old town, Mỹ Sơn holy land and many historical monument locations and culture ( follow statistics, Quảng Nam has about 61 travel points) with many type cultural activities ( Vietnamese Opera, ….) and the other architectural community as Núi Thành evidence,…create the points attract tourits to visit, learn. Besides, the handicraft fine arts trade village traditional unique and the field, waterways region unchanged symbolic of Việt Nam village, has all the elements develops countryside tourism, garden tourism, to diversifies the types of tourism, creates more attractiveness with visitor.

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